Eric Drost

Convention Center Hotel

Cleveland, OH

Photographer: Eric Drost


Eric Drost


The Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel is a skyscraper located on the corner of Ontario Street and Lakeside Avenue that opened in 2016 and connects the new Cleveland Convention Center, downtown mall and the Global Center for Health Innovation. Thus it is also known as the Convention Center Hotel. The $272 million project offers 600 guest rooms in a 28-story tower, a four-story podium of ballrooms and meeting space, retail space, a rooftop bar and a lobby. It is operated by the major company Hilton Hotels & Resorts, owned by Hilton Worldwide. This is only one of four Hilton properties in downtown Cleveland, a company which owns over 4,000 properties worldwide.

The Convention Center Hotel is the tallest and largest in the city and was constructed under a partnership between the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. Ed FitzGerald, the first chief executive of Cuyahoga, supported the construction of the hotel since the county needed more space to host bigger conventions and accommodate more than 500 guests. With this hotel, the Northeast Ohio region has a stronger position and is prepared to compete on a national and international level. Above that, the construction company Turner Construction and Cuyahoga County came up with an inclusion plan to include 25% of small businesses, 7% female-owned businesses, as well as 15% minority-owned businesses in the construction process. The majority of employees hired for the construction also came from the county itself or the city of Cleveland, therefore marking it as a local and social project.

JORDAHL supplied JORDAHL® top of slab channels JTA-RT and anchor channels JTA W for the attachment of the glass curtain wall to the concrete structure.
Client : Harmon Inc.
General Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: Cooper Carry
Construction Period: 2014-2016


JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Anchor Channel JTA W
JORDAHL® Top of Slab Channels JTA-RT
JORDAHL® Top of Slab
Channels JTA-RT