Stay informed & up date on approvals for DECON® Studrails® and JORDAHL® Anchor Channels & Mounting Channels.
DECON® Studrails ICC-ES ESR-2494

DECON® Studrails® ICC-ES ESR-2494

valid through 9/2019
DECON® Studrails - Research Report RR 25395

DECON® Studrails® - Research Report RR 25395

issued by the City of Los Angeles
valid through 2/1/2018

JORDAHL® Anchor Channels ICC-ES ESR-2854

valid through 04/2022

ESR-2854 LABC and LARC Supplement

valid through 4/2020
Fabricator Certificate of Approval

Fabricator Certificate of Approval

from the City of LA