Curtain Wall

The features of modern construction engineering technology are well represented in façade construction. On the one hand there is the desire to construct economically, with time saving and reliability. On the other hand there is the quest for timeless elegance and optimal environmental performance, that drives diversity in the choice of materials and the integration of the most modern building technology. The continuing development of unitized curtain wall systems and increasing use of cast-in anchor channels for structural connections has enabled façade elements to be mounted in the minimum amount of time with no drilling or welding. Façades are also increasingly being renewed to take advantage of recent environmental improvements – an advantage for curtain walls secured by anchor channels, as the thermally insulated and/or back-ventilated façade elements can be replaced in a very short period of time. The reliable long term performance of JORDAHL® anchor channels (which have now been produced for over 100 years) is especially appreciated in this market.

JORDAHL® anchor channels are available in many different versions, and can be economically designed to IBC, IRC, ACI 318 Appendix D, and ICC-ES AC 232, using our innovative JORDAHL® EXPERT software. which can be downloaded for free from this website. Our team also offers you un-equalled customer service and technical support and will be pleased to offer you custom solutions for your project. This combined with reliable performance verified by City of Los Angeles Research Report RR25797-T, makes JORDAHL® anchor channels your best partner for future projects. We look forward to working with you.

JORDAHL® anchor channels for the connection of faҫade elements

JORDAHL® Anchor channels can be used for top-of-slab connections or front-face connections of faҫade elements.


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