The history behind JORDAHL USA is rooted in advanced engineering technology for concrete, developed both in North America and Europe. The research and development on which the DECON® Studrails® product range is based goes back to the 1970’s, and the JORDAHL® anchors channel range is based on concrete anchorage development going back to 1907. In both cases the goal of the researchers and the resulting product development was to improve performance and simplify design. Prior to the introduction of DECON® Studrails® only fairly expensive and labor intensive methods were available to enhance the punching shear capacity of the concrete floor slab area above columns. These traditional methods included placing additional stirrups in the slab to improve the traditional steel reinforcement, or introducing column capitals, or introducing I –beam shear heads. Each of these methods had its inherent problems such as cost, labor time needed for installation, and/or violating architectural constraints. Also, reinforcement testing showed measurable anchorage slip at reinforcement bends in thin slabs, reducing the effectiveness of stirrups and often requiring very congested slab reinforcement designs to compensate for this.

In Canada during the 1970’s two professors at the University of Calgary, Dr. Amin Ghali and Dr. Walter Dilger, began testing to find an efficient, economical and simple solution to enhance punching shear. This research led to the commercial development of Studrails® in Europe, which dramatically simplified and improved design for punching shear in flat slabs. The technology was commercially introduced back into North America by DECON which was established in 1989 as a partnership between DEHA of Germany and Continental Studwelding of Canada.

Manufacturing was set up in the Continental Studwelding plant in Brampton, ON, Canada. A sales office was set up in York, PA. This office was subsequently moved to Medford, NJ in 1990. In 1993, DECON became a privately held, stand- alone North American operational entity, and the association with DEHA ceased in 2000. Significant growth occurred in the company due to acceptance and promotion of Studrails® by many well-respected engineering and contracting firms across Canada and the United States.

In 2009 DECON became the North American distributor of JORDAHL® anchor channels and in 2011 it became a fully owned subsidiary of Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH which has subsequently been re-named JORDAHL GmbH, a German company with its historical roots beginning in North America.

The seeds of the JORDAHL company were laid at the start of the twentieth century by the invention of a concrete reinforcement system by the German American Julius Kahn. Julius’s brother was Albert Kahn who became world famous as the Principal of the US architectural firm Albert Kahn Associates. Both brothers shared a passion for concrete which was a new building material at the time, and Julius’s new reinforcement system was used in several buildings designed by Albert.
Their interest in concrete was shared by a Norwegian civil engineer Anders Jordahl and his Swedish business partner Ivar Kreuger, who formed the company Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH in Berlin, and acquired European marketing rights for Julius Kahn’s reinforcement system in 1907.
Kahn’s invention allowed the company to develop, and this was followed in 1913 when Anders Jordahl invented the world’s first cast-in anchor channel to allow adjustable and reliable connections to concrete structures. After continued research and development JORDAHL® anchor channels became the principal product range for the company. Based in Berlin the company was heavily affected by the Second World War, and was later partially separated from the rest of the world due to the partition of Berlin and Germany during the cold war. Nevertheless, it continued to grow and after the re-unification of Germany in 1989 this growth accelerated as it began to make in-roads into global markets.

Continued research and development of the JORDAHL® anchor channel system also kept the company as a technology leader. In 2012 the company name was changed from Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH to JORDAHL GmbH. Currently the company has subsidiaries and distributors across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Based on this history and incorporating the best of North American and European technology DECON continues to drive its business forward on the principle of engineering excellence combined with the highest standards of customer service. Presently, our North American offices are located in Sonoma, CA, Beaufort, SC, Medford, NJ, and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.