Fastening Technology



Matching T-bolts for the JORDAHL range of channels ensure safe fastening of attached components. JORDAHL® T-bolts are supplied with nuts and guarantee a reliable engineered connection to each type of JORDAHL® channel.
JORDAHL® Hooked-head T-bolts

JORDAHL® Hook-head T-bolts

Together with the JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA W ensure safe transfer of tensile and shear loads
JORDAHL® Toothed T-bolts

JORDAHL® Toothed T-bolts

Together with the JORDAHL® toothed anchor channels JXA, ensure Support of loads in all directions
JORDAHL® Double-notch toothed T-bolts

JORDAHL® Double toothed bolts

Used with hot-rolled channels to provide enhanced longitudinal shear load capacity.
JORDAHL® Hammer-head T-bolts

JORDAHL® Hammer-head T-bolts

Provide safe connections to: JORDAHL® Anchor channels JTA K38/17 and 28/15.


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