Our vision and mission statement

Our vision
“JORDAHL GmbH is the preferred partner for fastening and reinforcement technology in the construction industry. We convince with competence, customer-oriented solutions, friendly and reliable service as well as on-time deliveries. ”

Our mission
We want to increase the value of the JORDAHL Group.
We are not concerned with short-term success, but with long-term and sustainable growth in value as well as high returns. The guiding principles of our actions are the interests of our family shareholders, customers, employees and market partners as well as our social and ecological responsibility.

We are customer oriented.
We see our customers as partners with whom we deal reliably, honestly and openly. Satisfied customers are the goal of our daily activities.

We are experts.
Our customers value us for our high quality standards, our innovative strength and our excellent specialist knowledge. That is why we are constantly expanding our knowledge, observing the market and using our expert knowledge to offer our customers top performance in the areas of products and service.

We think and act in the interests of the environment.
In our daily work we show responsibility for our environment, observe sustainability principles and use energy resources sensibly and efficiently. Compliance with legal and other regulations are just as natural for us as the constant improvement of energy-related performance.

We act according to compliance guidelines.
Adhering to compliance guidelines is a matter of course for us. We observe the legal provisions and social regulations of the countries in which we are active.

We also think and act entrepreneurially internally.
We perceive colleagues and other departments as internal customers. Willingness to provide service is the measure of our actions across departmental and area boundaries.

We continuously improve our processes and see mistakes as opportunities.
We strive to continuously optimize our processes. Errors also give us the opportunity to improve our services and processes. The following applies to all hierarchical levels: Anyone who makes a mistake deals with it and investigates the causes - with the aim of avoiding the mistake in the future.

We see management as a role model.
The JORDAHL management level acts as a role model, encourages and challenges our employees. On the basis of mutually agreed goals, employees are given responsibility and appropriate leeway within which they can make decisions independently.

We give our employees orientation.
Communication with our employees is always characterized by appreciation, clarity, directness and honesty. In target discussions, we discuss the employee's performance and behavior and give them the opportunity to use their potential optimally for the company. We support open feedback and also demand this from employees. In this way, conflicts can be addressed openly in order to resolve them quickly and fairly.

We all contribute to the success of the leadership process.
Every JORDAHL employee has a share in the success of the management process, both individually and as part of the entire workforce.

We live our corporate culture.
Constant willingness to change and fun at work are part of our corporate culture that we live every day.