Quality and Safety

What do you think of when you see the DECON® Studrails® & JORDAHL®  brands? We hope you think of the highest standards of quality and safety. These are both key issues to our company philosophy.

We have all seen how product quality plays a fundamental role in construction safety and structural performance. This is now all the more important during the period of rapid globalisation that we are seeing within our industry. Products that look similar but are produced to different standards, can have significantly different performance, and nobody should rely just on appearance when evaluating critical safety components. Hard facts and extensive manufacturing experience are required, and here you can count on us.

To provide independent verification of the quality and performance of our products, we work in close cooperation with independent product and quality evaluation entities such as ICC ES in North America, and other services worldwide. We also maintain a dialogue with our customers and membership of leading industry associations such as ACI, NCSEA, PTI, NGA, & GANA. We do this to ensure that our products evolve to remain as state-of the-art solutions to meet the changing requirements of our customers and engineering requirements of modern construction methods.
When you work with DECON® Studrails® & JORDAHL® channels you know that you have selected industry leading performance and quality that provides safety on the jobsite.