JACOB Tension Rods

    The Jacob tension rod system HMR 750 offers modern architecture an innovative and elegant design, improved corrosion protection, higher capacity loads and improved safety during installation. Available in diameters M12 (1/2”) up to M100 (4”). The system is also available with compression struts.

    Load groups

    Available in diameters M12 (1/2”) through M100 (4”), with rod length up to 12 meters (39’ 4”). Min. break loads start at 13.6 kips and go up to 1,226 kips.


    Connection discs, couplers , couplers with fin plate, gusset plates, compression struts, hydraulic tensioning.


    With effective corrosion protection. Available in self color, hot dipped galvanized, powder coated, painted or duplex coated.

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    • Very high load capacity
    • Special corrosion protection on threads class C3 high corrosion compliant
    • Blind hole improves corrosion protection
    • Sealant injection holes prevent crevice corrosion
    • Easy control of thread engagement for safer installation
    • Data Matrix code for individual rod marking and quality assurance
    • Length adjustment