JORDAHL® Mounting Channels JM K


    JORDAHL® mounting channels JM K, together with the appropriate hooked-head T-bolts, hammer-head T-bolts and the JORDAHL® accessories, create a versatile channel-T-bolt connection that can be adapted to new support and fastening requirements. They can absorb tensile and shear loads vertical to the channel axis.


    Curved mounting channels, double profiles, hot-rolled mounting channels


    With effective corrosion protection. Available made from hot-dip galvanized steel, stainless steel (A4) and mill finish steel.

    Load Groups

    Available in 16 sizes of channels, lengths from 100 to 6000 mm. Suitable for permitted static loads up to 31 kN (FKM).


    • Directly weldable or boltable for frame construction
    • Fast exchange, retrofit, conversion of structural parts/elements
    • Attachment parts can be freely located, continuously adjustable
    • Facilitate compensation of construction tolerances/changes from standard grids
    • Variable bolt separations in the longitudinal direction of the channel
    • Cold-formed, round-edged
    • Constant material strength
    • Suitable for continuous, static (inactive) loads
    • Lower weight than comparable, conventional profiles for the same load level
    • Use, amongst other things, for problem-free fastening of supply and discharge lines, electrical cables, cable trays or air-conditioning ducts