DECON® Studrails®

    DECON® Studrails® are a proven, cost-effective solution to resist punching shear at slab-column connections in elevated slabs and foundation mat slabs, as well as bursting stresses in post-tension anchorage zones. By simplifying slab reinforcement at column locations and eliminating column capitals, stirrup cages, or I –beam shear heads, they enable efficient design and rapid construction of flat plate concrete floor slabs. The flat plate concrete slab format is normally faster and more cost effective, and is a preferred method for constructing condominiums, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and other structures.

    First developed and tested at the University of Calgary in the 1970s, DECON® Studrails® have been used on thousands of buildings in North America and around the world. Based on extensive research, they incorporate a 10:1 head-to-stem cross-section area ratio to anchor securely in the slab, eliminate slip, and provide unmatched punching shear resistance.

    Prior to the introduction of DECON® Studrails®, stirrups were the most common method used to enhance the punching shear capacity of traditional reinforcement designs. However, the simple installation and superior performance of DECON® Studrails® have made them the preferred solution over stirrups. Each stirrup cage can take several man-hours to fabricate and install, making it a significant scheduling and cost factor to accommodate. Testing programs have also shown measurable anchorage slip at bends in reinforcement. Using a greater number of stirrups to accommodate reduced capacity due to this anchorage slip, can cause congested reinforcement designs in thin slabs.


    Cut building costs without cutting corners.

    DECON® Studrails® normally provide a lower overall in-place cost when compared to other existing punching shear control alternatives, by:

    • Eliminating the need for column capitals and stirrups.
    • Permitting more efficient use of fly-forms.
    • Reducing installation time and effort versus conventional rebar stirrups and hairpins.
    • Reducing congestion around slab-column connections, allowing quicker installation of conduit, PT tendons and other embedments.
    • Using jobsite ready factory fabrication to guarantee weld quality, proper dimensions, correct spacing, and to enable location/type color-coding.

    DECON® Studrails® are engineered to enhance the strength and integrity of slab-column connections by:

    • Allowing greater flexibility of design.
    • Distributing forces over a greater critical section to prevent punching shear.
    • Providing higher ultimate strength and more ductile behavior of the concrete slab-column connection through efficient anchorage.
    • Developing the full yield strength of the studs in tension and making it possible to use thinner post-tensioned slabs in designs governed by shear.
    • Providing predetermined stud locations, virtually eliminating field placement errors.
    • Using specially designed chairs supplied with the Studrails® ensure proper concrete cover.
    • DECON® Studrails® are the subject of ICC ES Evaluation Report ESR-2494.
    • DECON® Studrails® meet the requirements of ACI 318-11 Clause 11.11.5, ACI 421.1R-08, CSA A23.3-04 and IBC 2012.


    Available in mill finish carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized.